Thursday, December 20, 2012

Those Stupid Men

Oh what fun! The intestine of a 23 year old girl has been dug out of her abdomen with a metal rod. It has been thrust in and out of her vagina so many times in a feat of sexual excitement and delight that a ‘rope like thing’ had come out from her insides, one of the gang-members said. Well, it was absurdly enough, her intestines. Now the girl is dying and even if she is made to survive somehow, she would never be able to eat again except through intra-venous means. And the stupid girl still went on to say, as her brother had told a daily, “Mother, I want to live!” Ah, the comedy of it all, the sheer fun!

Now masculinity can cheer again. The rod has done what the phallus could not.

Sometimes I really do not know whom to feel sorry for— the women, or the unfinished and unrealized project of patriarchy. The project started off quite well, actually. For generations, patriarchy was successful in carving out a niche for its invincible power-status in all possible spheres of life. It was a skilled process of inculcating patriarchal values inside humankind in order to control and regulate any opposition that might come in the way. That is why husbands would carry on marital rape at ease, mother-in-laws would find satisfaction in harassing their daughter-in-laws, and even mothers would feel it natural to inflict upon their daughters, the same shackles that she had inherited from history. But then slowly, the times changed. Female foeticide was prohibited. Marrying off daughters before eighteen was made illegal. Property laws were reformed. Education increased. Women went to work. Women got money. Women were given a voice and taught to use it. It was a terrible time. Men felt wronged. They had expected much, much more from patriarchy. It was as if the son has been disinherited from his ancestral home. With patriarchy failing to guard its power motives anymore, men decided to come into the open and establish their position of the penis-holder themselves. So they decided to perform exemplary violence in order to scare women. Unlike the beautifully shrewd system of patriarchy which had realized the effectiveness of manipulation and diplomacy in this changed social scenario, the stupid men got impatient and bloody. Biting of flesh, cutting off of breasts, scooping out insides of women through their vaginal opening etc. became their ridiculous modus operandi.

But really, dear men, it’s okay to be a man. Even in this world! Please do realize that you are not lagging behind in every sphere of life! Girls wearing mini-skirts, or the women you call Feminists, wearing ethnic kurtis and big bindis and arguing all the time are still not as threatening and powerful as you imagine them to be. They are almost as much objectified and kind of helpless right now as they were before, only in a different garb. The female reservations, the divorce laws, the emancipation of women, they are all meant for you guys, stupid! Don’t you see what patriarchy is doing? It’s increasing complicity in your fellow women so that they feel satiated and pacified enough to stop resistance. So please try to realize that you are still being kept in a dominating position by patriarchy. Don’t feel so scared of women as to attack, rape and kill them. Always remember, that complicity of these women is your greatest weapon, not their violation and death. You shouldn’t be giving that up in exchange for some silly fear-libido-animosity induced vagina-digging violence. Help patriarchy in maintaining its updated strategies, don’t be a spoilsport and demand the blatant power-exhibition enjoyed by your fore-fathers. They are outdated and useless in the current socio-political situation.

Stop affirming and re-affirming your sense of masculinity like this, men! We anyway believe that you do have the magic wand called The Penis.  And still, when you try to prove that repeatedly by violating and destroying a woman’s being, it just goes on to show how utterly unsure you are of your masculinity to yourself. Don’t make the people laugh at your insecurity and beat you to death at the same time. Have some faith in the project of patriarchy. It is unfinished but still on. Cooperate and help to move it forward. Take off your profile photos from Facebook for a while. Join protest marches. Write fierce Twitter messages and blogposts asking for death penalty and castration. You might be mentally undressing and having sex with every woman you see. You might be vigorously supporting the decency-indecency dichotomy associated with women. You might even be hurling obscene comments on passing women for fun. But please take care to show your outrage at this rape incident. Take care to sensitize people around you through social networking websites, adda sessions and candle-light vigils. Do all what you possibly can till this news, like every other, finally loses its importance and is cast into oblivion by the media. This is what happens. This is what will always happen.

All you have to do is be a little patient. Society has already started hating and laughing at your impatience. If you don’t try hard enough, why, you might as well risk being looked upon as that poor, virtually castrated, emasculated sex that uses violence as weapon for the lack of a real phallus.