Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Darkness evaporated into dim light,

Silence gave way to musical chirps,

The cold, damp wind created a vapoury surrounding,

The sky changed from black to ashened blue,

Slowly the first scarlet streaks became visible.

I gazed at the changing hues of the eastern sky

In ethereal amazement.

The dazzling light seeped through the cloudy mazes,

Showered like rain : crimson, orange, golden.

I closed my eyes;

As the heavenly light poured in me,

And touched the rusty chords of space and time,

For once, it became real!

I sensed it through the dew drops, the soft leaves, cuckoo’s notes

The wet air, the cool breeze, the dirt at my feet :

Mother’s caring fingers and loving lips,

Taking away all my pains :

For once, I felt, free.


  1. jei patience r energy niye eita likhechhis, seita maintain korte parle you'll be famous one day!
    khub bhalo hoyechhe. thanx for proving that my choice of a blog-partner was correct.

    keep going...
    we'll rock.

  2. Bah blog'ta besh toh! So Pou, finally welcome to blogosphere! Ami toh kobei bolechhilam blog korte, etodin'e shu-budhdhi hoyechhey dekhey darun lagchhey :)
    By the way, ami Rushie :)

  3. While I was reading your poem, "The dazzling light seeped through the cloudy mazes, /Showered like rain : crimson, orange, golden." I am very disheartened seeing you don't own any blog.

    Phenomenal woman and you, it seems a new 'Jugalbandi' is going to perform. And they will rock!