Tuesday, February 10, 2009


She whistles along the railway tracks
She hugs the chill of wintry blues
She loves to live some time alone
She enjoys life’s unsure cruise.
She stands on toes to gulp the sky
She digs small holes to taste the hell
She dances with the restive seas
She spins around a mystic spell.
She paints her thoughts with teasing rains
She smiles as clear the first light sun
She gives my soul a sovereign mind
She leads those works yet undone.

She dreams of a Motherland...
Where they and us can evenly stand.


  1. "she paints her thoughts with teasing rains"

  2. উড়তে থাকে উড়তে থাকে...
    উড়তে উড়তে পুড়তে থাকে,
    ওড়ার গুণেই সবাই চেনে তাকে।
    পোড়ার খবর কে আর কবে রাখে!

    খেলতে থাকে খেলতে থাকে...
    মন জুগিয়ে চলতে থাকে,
    ম্যাজিক করে সব্বাইকে সামলে ধরে রাখে।
    সেই ম্যাজিকেই বুকের ভেতর
    ইচ্ছেগুলো পুড়তে থাকে।

    Chaliye ja. Mon khule lekhar jayga kore niyechhis jokhon likhte thakis.

    Eagerly waiting for the next post!

  3. Phenomenal woman found her place and partner!

    Congratulations to both of you for creating this blog. This is a much discussed topic. But few people think of it though everybody talks about it. Keep it up so that we can get a chance to think about it!

    And by the way, don't stop producing impurities! I am waiting for more of them.

  4. @key: am honoured. thank u. :)

    @Nachiketa: bolte boltei next post hajir!! kya baat, kya baat!!
    chaliye to jaboi. tobe mon khule chhara lekha jay na nachi... shthan-kal-patro nirbisheshe, lekha jinis ta mon kholar jonnei. ja-i likhbo, mon khulei likhbo. no worries! :)

    @Imbecile: yeah... its been pretty long... i'll produce more impurities soon. :)
    if u don't mind can i know what your formal name is? the reason i'll xplain later.

  5. Well! Someone said what's in a name!

    But you know, below that line he wrote his name. When that famous person could be hypocrite why shouldn't I!

    Myself Neeladri.